Nineteenth-Century Style Mini Olla


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Proportioned just like the large pots that women carried on their heads to fill with water, this little beauty is one of this prize-winning potter’s miniature versions of historic designs.

Meticulously fashioned just like a large pot, it is of hand made clay, hand-coiled, -smoothed, and -painted with natural colors.

The buoyant design of circles and arcs dates from 1880-90. It is signed “DJ Aragon, 1880-1890, Acoma, NM” to indicate the origin of the design.

Like all fine pottery, the form of the piece and the design elements all complement each other in beautiful harmony.

Dolores is committed to perpetuating traditional pieces in small sizes.

With her beautiful pieces, you can have an ample collection of fine traditional pottery, in historic designs, and fit it all on one shelf.


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