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“Night Songs” Soft Sculpture Wall Hanging


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He was known for vibrantly hued ceramic masks, and now, this gifted artist has moved on to soft sculptures, also meant to adorn your wall.

This striking figure is an abstract representation of a good luck spirit, based on the Navajo Night Way ceremony.

Expertly painted canvas is stuffed, so it is three-dimensional, full of dramatic jewel tones and a profusion of textures.

Buckskin fringes, natural and dyed feathers, and metallic and matte paints together create a compelling piece that is unlike any others.

All the symbols refer to good luck: dots and button forms are raindrops, spirals are water courses, zig-zags are mountains, and the bears symbolize protection, and hunting and survival skill.

Water, of course, is the great blessing of the desert, facilitating the growth of crops, and bears are powerful hunters. Together, they are symbols for prosperity, good health, and happiness.

The feathers are meant to carry prayers for these up to the heavens, so the benevolent spirits will make them real.

With deep, softly glistening hues, and a rich array of many patterns and shapes, it is a compelling piece to decorate your wall. Creative, imaginative, colorful and artistic, as well as skillful, it will surely start many admiring conversations.

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Acrylic Paint, Buckskin, Canvas, Natural Feathers


22 1/2" high x 12" wide