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“New Trail” Wall Sculpture


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With a Master in Fine Arts degree, the artist has won many prestigious awards, including a coveted SWAIA Fellowship – offered by the sponsor of the Santa Fe Indian Market – and inclusion in a short list of “Artists to Watch”, in a national magazine.

He is equally adept at figural painting, abstraction, or – as here – working in a completely different medium.

Using a hand-cut piece of tree branch as his canvas, he has created a decorative figure to embellish your wall.

Loosely based on the Navajo Yei (spirit), and petroglyph art, the theme  of the piece is abundance, happiness and good health.

A herd of mountain goats prances across the body, with crosses, and an angular line with an arrowhead.

Game animals mean meat! The blessing of successful hunting, and enough to eat, is meant to extend to all four corners of the (Navajo) earth, which is symbolized by the crosses.

The arrowhead points the way to happy hunting.

Above the protruding nose, surrounded by dots symbolizing raindrops, more water signs are shown: the wavy coral lines, and the parallel lines below them.

Mountains are depicted at the sides, and green refers to thriving plants and crops.

The natural and decorative feathers are all legal, and are meant to carry prayers for success up to the heavens.

Full of fresh color, and beautifully composed to be balanced in design and hues, this is a handsome and unusual addition to your art collection.

Add a little unexpected pizazz to your wall!

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11 3/8" L x 6" W with feathers x 2 1/2" deep


Natural Feathers, Painted Wood