“New Pastures” Wall Hanging

Peterson Yazzie


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With a Master in Fine Arts degree, the artist has won many prestigious awards, including a coveted SWAIA Fellowship – offered by the sponsor of the Santa Fe Indian Market – and inclusion in a short list of “Artists to Watch”, in a national magazine.

He is equally adept at figural painting, abstraction, or – as here – working in a completely different medium.

Using a hand-cut piece of a tree branch as his canvas, he has created a decorative figure to embellish your wall.

Loosely based on the Navajo Yei (spirit), and petroglyph art, the theme of the piece is abundance, happiness, and good health.

Bounding across the mid-section of the piece are three petroglyph style rams. They are carved as if in movement, ready to find the “new pastures” that the title of the piece alludes to.

Mixed in with them are various petroglyph symbols including the spiral, or pathway through life, and a lightning bolt.

The piece itself is painted in varying shades of vibrant green.  Green symbolizes the earth, plant life, summer, and the rain.  Rains, especially here in the desert, means good harvests, and in turn, good health for the people.

Atop the piece is an array of various feathers, bringing vibrancy and a touch of the exotic to the design.

A stunning piece of art, from an accomplished and diverse artist, this wall hanging is looking for its own “new pastures” to call home.

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