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New Landers Ring


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A typically well-made, interesting ring, with an intriguing stone, by this gifted silversmith, who prefers to create his pieces without fuss and hoopla.

His work speaks for itself, he finds, and it says “This is wonderful quality, at a sane and affordable price point.”

Here, the stone is the star: a particularly fascinating piece of hand-cut New Landers variscite, from Utah.

With the densely crowded matrix, the stone shows pinpoints of pale green, olive green, light brown, and almost-black.

The overall impression is that of rich complexity and rare neutral coloration, almost like a woven fabric.

The boxed silver setting is stamped all around with tiny, precise, stars.

Just enough decoration to complement the tweedy look of the stone.

Another feature, thanks to this practical artist, is that the ring is adjustable.

You can move it slightly up or down in size, as you change fingers, or a finger swells and contracts with the weather.

Unique stone, fine silverwork and design, practicality, and a happy price, too.

Enjoy this special ring by a special jeweler.

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Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 1/2 Adjustable


Face is 1 " L x 5/8" W | Shank is 1/8" -1/4" W