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“New Blessings” Wall Hanging


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An unusual wall piece by noted sculptor Orval C. Joe. Carved from white alabaster, the three ears of corn are clasped in a cornstalk leaf. It is attached to a slab of polished granite with a length of deerskin looped through the top, for hanging. Corn is a symbol of abundance, happiness, good health and prosperity. The ruddy granite to which these radiant ears of corn are attached, is cut into zig-zags, resembling the sun. Sun and water make the corn thrive, a devoutly prayed-for outcome. The luminous appearance of the white alabaster reinforces the idea of spirituality. These carved ears of corn are beautifully detailed, showing every kernel.. The contrast between the pale alabaster and the darkly russet, polished granite is striking. Equally dramatic is the contrast between the complex designs on the alabaster carving, and the absolute simplicity of the granite. Hang this compelling sculpture in your home or office, and enjoy the blessings that corn brings.

Alabaster, Granite, Leather

Width: 6 1/4″ Height: 6 1/2″