Negative Space Tufa-Cast Cuff



Erik Fender is a member of pottery royalty: his great-grandmother was the legendary Maria Martinez, who was responsible for the revival of black pottery, over 100 years ago; his grandmother, Carmelita Dunlap was a niece of Maria’s, and was raised by her, and Erik’s mother, Martha Appleleaf, is currently a notable potter.

Erik, an award-winning potter, has lately enjoyed silversmithing; his abundant talent creates gorgeous pieces in metal, as well as clay.

Here is a cuff that has no relation to pottery, whatsoever, but stands out as a remarkably handsome, contemporary bracelet.

Cast in fine-grained tufa, it is additionally textured by hand, on the exterior, and antiqued. Finish and form are meticulously fabricated.

Wittily, it seems cast in swiss cheese, with large, medium and small cut-out circles, from end to end.

The only decoration is a dark red, natural coral, set atop the center in a polished silver bezel.

Also circular, it fits right in to the design.

A delightfully contemporary design, by a fabulously gifted artist.

Own his pottery; now complement it with his jewelry!

Additional information


Natural coral, sterling silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1" gap | 6 1/2" all around


1 1/4 " W