Needlepoint Coral Rosettes


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Edmund is a  young jeweler who is continuing the tradition of fine needlepoint that Zuni Pueblo is famous for.

As these enchanting earrings demonstrate, he is a master of this difficult technique.

Natural, flaming red coral has been meticulously cut into high-rounded slivers, tapered at each end – just like a stitch of needle work.

Each piece of hand cut coral is individually set into a hand made silver bezel.

It is all deepest red, oxblood coral, the most coveted of natural hues.

The center stone is also hand cut, into a round circle. Together with the needlepoint slivers, extending out from this center, the design resembles an evocation of the sun and its rays.

A silver rope bezel surrounds the center coral, and a minuscule dome of sparkling silver separates each “stitch” of coral.

The sterling background has been darkened with acid, to showcase the gorgeous coral, and the gleaming accents of polished silver.

Why is the cost so accessible? Because this fine jeweler is young, and not yet widely known.

If Edmund were older and more established, these earrings would be at least twice the price – probably more, because of the quality of the coral, and the workmanship involved.

So, you who recognize top quality, and a bargain….. ‘Nuf said!

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