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Necklace with Oval Carved Face Pendant


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This multi-talented artist has won prizes in four categories – sculpture, painting, jewelry and clothing – all at the same time, at the same show: the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market. Her creativity is seemingly boundless!

In this fascinating pendant/choker, she has combined her prize-winning gift for sensitive sculpture with that of decorative jewelry, with outstanding results. The artist has carved one of her expressive faces in black marble, and surrounded it with decorative, hand fashioned, silver. The piece has a mysterious, almost surreal feel; partly medieval, partly archaic, .

Swirling, textured silver surrounds the sculpted head, a solid curlicue wraps partially around the face, and one hand covers the chin. The whole pendant has both an archaic, and a very modern, look. The organic curves and off-center silver elements give this pendant lots of movement.

The narrow silver collar from which the portrait sculpture hangs is hand hammered silver. This very contemporary piece has a timeless allure. It is sure to excite many compliments and questions in the here and now. and will look just as intriguing far into the future.

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Black Marble, Sterling Silver

Pendant Width


Pendant Height

1 3/8"

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Necklace hangs at 8"