Navajo “Wedding” Basket


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A classic Navajo ceremonial basket, often called a wedding basket, since that is one of the ceremonies where these are commonly used.

We have lost the name of the weaver, unfortunately. She deserves recognition for this lovely basket.

Dried , natural yucca fibers are the major material. Devil’s claw plant forms the black designs, and the red is dyed.

This pattern features the stepped rain design, which symbolizes good luck, health and happiness. The beige line that cuts through the center is the spirit line.

Traditionally, this gap enables the creative spirit of the weaver to escape from a piece, so it can be free to create other baskets.

Place the basket so that the spirit line flows up, not down, where it gets blocked.

A classic example of a beloved traditional form, at an uncommon price.

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Devil's Claw, Yucca


1" high, 10" diameter