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Navajo Sheep Herder Sculpture


Peach alabaster sculpture in one piece on white marble base. Navajo woman in pleated skirt, incised decoration on top, jacla necklace, carrying bell, and twig walking stick. Lamb at her side.

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A charter member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, dedicated to maintaining the highest artistic and ethical standards, this award-winning artist is known for the precision and artistry of his work, mostly devoted to Navajo subjects, as this beautiful piece is.

The pinkish alabaster is confidently handled, with an artful balance of textured and polished areas.

The proportions are realistic; the faces and details, lovingly depicted.

A Navajo grandmother is striding along the uneven ground, following her herd of sheep, a curly-coated lamb beside her.

Every detail is created with incredible clarity and sensitivity, from the deeply carved hair, flowing freely from her bun, to her necklace, earrings, bell, and lovely hands.

Her face is beautiful; handsome, strong, yet sweet and sympathetic.

The loving  tenderness felt by the artist is evident in the care he has given to her features and expression.

Her stance is assured, and moving forward, as is the little lamb keeping up with her.

The polished stone on her face, necklace, hands, skirt and moccasin contrasts marvelously with the all-over incised design on her top and the texture of the hair, the bell, the wooly lamb and the rough ground.

Sculpted from one piece of soft peach alabaster, the ensemble is placed on a base of sparkly white marble.

Looking at this lovely sculpture, from any angle, the talent, experience and emotion of the prize-winning artist is obvious.

Big enough to command attention, and small enough to display with ease, this is a affecting work of art, imbued with love for the subject and hand-carved with confident skill.

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Colorado Alabaster, White Marble