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Navajo Scenes Bolo


Sterling silver bolo; applied scenes of Navajo life in center; 14-karat gold petroglyph symbols applied on sides. Handmade cylinder tips.

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With a lovely blend of textured and polished silver areas, this impressive bolo features a vertical strip of nostalgic scenes of traditional Navajo life.

The scenes are flanked by 14-karat gold petroglyph designs, on either side. With heavy texture and darkened backgrounds, the applied, polished elements really gleam.

The artist is an avid horseman. He lives near Canyon de Chelly, in New Mexico, and the landscape, his love of horses, and remembrance of the old way of life, are all features of this impeccably fabricated bolo.

From the top, you see the rugged cliffs and outcroppings of the land, with a gold sun and a few clouds, above. Then, a shady tree with a horse sitting beneath it and a rabbit foraging on the other side.

Below that, a beautifully detailed horse, standing on rocky land, with grazing sheep below. Finally, a traditional log hogan is finely depicted, with a ramada at the bottom, shading two women and a child.

The gold petroglyph symbols include many good luck  and protection motifs: a bear, the water spiral, turtle, sun, hand of blessing, goat, arrow (hunting prowess), man, and a cross. That cross means all these blessings should radiate to the four corners of the world.

With elegantly simple cylinder tips, this bolo is meticulous in detail, and as full of meaning as it is of beauty and skill.

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14k Gold, Leather, Sterling Silver


3" long x 1 5/8" wide, Tips are 3" long x 1/4" diameter