Navajo Saddle Blanket Cuff


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This most unique jewelry artist lives in the Monument Valley area of the Navajo Nation, and helps his mother herd her sheep.

He also works as a production assistant, jeep guide, location scout, and even occasional acting talent, for the frequent film projects that come to this breathtaking, but desolate, area.

In between, he fabricates some of the most unusual, meticulously made, and remarkable jewelry seen anywhere.

This beautifully fabricated cuff is one of his more traditional, conventional pieces, but gorgeous, anyway.

Taking his inspiration from traditional, Navajo saddle blankets, the artist has fashioned an overlaid design of regular zig-zags, re-creating the woven wool patterns seen under saddles.

Every one of these zigs and zags is cut out by hand.

Even the single dots running down each long edge of the cuff are hand done, one-by-one.

The background silver is darkened to a velvety uniformity, allowing the raised lines to really stand out – literally.

The reverse is not ignored by this extraordinary jeweler.

Seemingly simple, graphic, and handsome, this cuff is also sophisticated, quietly sensational, and impeccably made.

Enjoy a true. wearable work of art.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 5/8"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 5/8"


1 3/8"