Navajo Rug Patterned Jar



Navajo pottery was born strictly from necessity, and is made only around the north-central area of Cow Springs and Shonto, on the Navajo reservation where there is water, unlike the mostly arid plains of the rest of Navajo land.

Lorraine Williams learned from her former mother-in-law,  Rose Williams, who taught most of the current Navajo potters, as well.

Her style is a pleasing mix of traditional and modern, leaning more to the traditional, as compared to the work of Alice Cling, her former sister-in-law, whose pots are decidedly contemporary.

This handsome jar is nicely finished, and gracefully embellished in Lorraine’s favored rug pattern design.

Arranged like a sash, sweeping from one corner at the top, to the hip of the piece, the decoration features a textured background, and slightly raised designs of polychrome clay slips.

Another modern touch is the squared neck and rim, difficult to achieve with coils of clay.

Majestic in height and shape, this jar is striking and dignified.

Needless to say, NEVER put any liquid in this piece; you will end up with a baggie of mud (as one of our customers learned, years ago)!

Happily for you, this pot was brought in by the artist quite a few years ago. Therefore, the price is also vintage.

Enjoy this lovely piece of Navajo pottery, which is relatively rare; it is a real bargain, too.

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Hand Processed Local Clay and Clay Slip; Natural Pigment


9 3/8" H x 6" Diameter