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“Navajo Mountains” Mask




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A splendidly decorative mask, full of beautiful color, varied textures and materials, and equally beautiful symbolism.

The basis is commercial clay; the theme is the protection of the Deity throughout the land. The artist has attached a card specifying the meaning of the different elements.

At the bottom, four mountains represent the traditional, sacred boundaries of the Navajo lands.

Each color represents a geographic direction:  white for the East, yellow for the West, Blue for the South, and black for the North.

Spirals etched into the clay stand for the movement of clouds in the sky, while the six, hand-stamped, silver buttons symbolize the six directions: east, west, north, south, the underworld, and the heavens.

Natural, iridescent green feathers of exotic fowl, over the forehead, and the sprays of glittering peacock, and brown pheasant feathers at either side of the mask, symbolize prayers that fly up to the heavens.

Butterflies and birds are also featured above the mountains, along with a Yei (spirit) head incised in the center.

Bent wood twigs arch over the top of the mask, like a rainbow. Deerskin tassels, and tin “jingles” add to the visual allure of this dramatic mask

Complex in materials, entirely hand fabricated, and strikingly colorful, this stunning mask is as meaningful as it is exciting to view.

A sure conversation piece, it will command admiring attention wherever in your home you place it.

With the many hues present, it will blend in with many color schemes.















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and Exotic Fowl Feathers, Artificial Sinew, Commercial Clay, Deerskin, Natural Peacock, Paint, Pheasant, Sterling Silver, tin, Wood15 1/4" including wooden "rainbow at top x 14


15 1/4" including wooden "rainbow" at top x 14 1/2" wide