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Navajo Mother and Daughter Painting


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“Big and beautiful” best describes this lovely painting. It would be stunning in an entryway, or wherever you have wall space that cries out for an uplifting statement of luscious color.

“Springtime Beauty” is also an apt title, given the blossoming plants, the softly vibrant hues, and the clear blue sky.

Just like this splendid painting, much of her work portrays Navajo women and children.

After university, and before she settled into painting, the artist worked as an interior designer and book illustrator.

Her work has been labeled “traditional contemporary” in The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters.

Displaying her favorite subject matter, this large painting embraces us with its clear and happy colors and the graceful forms of the figures’ clothing, the trees, and plants.

At first glance somewhat simple, this painting is actually a virtuoso example of the painterly technique.

The background itself is a bouquet of fresh color and delicate texture.

From hair, jewelry, and clothing, to every petal and blossom, there are carefully rendered details throughout.

Light up your home with the fragrance of Spring, and the beauty of flowers, as well as the beautiful closeness of mother and daughter.

A happy painting, full of grace, to grace your home.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


36" H x 24" W