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Navajo Life Earrings


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An acclaimed jeweler, he lives near Canyon de Chelly, in New Mexico, site of prehistoric Anasazi dwellings.

The landscape, and remembrance of the old way of life, often feature in his eagerly collected pieces, as they do in these lovely earrings.

Graceful ovals frame overlaid vignettes of traditional Navajo life, now almost gone.

The glistening border on one earring frames a a scene featuring a log hogan, with smoke wafting from the chimney, with desert shrubs, rocky cliffs, and a 14-karat gold sun, beneath puff clouds.

Inside the  other gleaming border, a hand-built ramada shades a woman weaving next to the all-important water barrel, with similar cliffs, gold sun, clouds and desert flora.

Each earring depicts an idyllic glimpse of Navajo life before pick-up trucks, TV, and other modern conveniences, and the scenes are sweetly nostalgic.

They are also beautifully detailed, so each element stands out from the darkened background silver.

Flattering, lovely forms, and excellent workmanship, add to the allure of these earrings.

Classic in shape and size, they are suitable for work, play or whatever. First glances will be admiring; second glances will be amazed.



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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


1" L x 3/4" W