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Navajo Dance Bracelet


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A fine inlay artist, this under-sung but accomplished jeweler turns to overlay silver here, with delightful results.

The subject is as unusual as the execution is impeccable: not a ceremonial dance, but a lively social dance for couples.

You can imagine the chanting and drumming, as the row of male and female figures dance across the center.

There is a wealth of movement and detail, even in a simplified manner: the men are animated, high-stepping here and there, some facing front, some three-quarters to the side. Their “rez” hats are clearly shown, as are the flying hair ties and long skirts of the women.

Below them, the silver is lightly textured, to suggest the earth under the dancers’ feet.

There is even more to this appealing bracelet: at the ends, beautifully detailed and executed feathers are overlaid on a darkened background.

This bracelet depicts an uncommon glimpse of a light-hearted moment in Navajo life.

Dancing makes everyone smile, and you will wear this happy bracelet, happily.

It will fit in easily with others, or shine on its own.



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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/4" + 1" gap | 6 3/4" all around


1/2 "