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This internationally collected, multiple award-winning jeweler is also a graduate of the University of Arizona, with a degree in education.

When not busy creating his prize-winning pieces, Tommy still mentors, and teaches Navajo language, history and arts at a school near his Reservation home.

Tommy is especially known for his breathtaking inlaid pieces, in gorgeous color combinations, but can – and does – work in any style.

He has a love for exceptional stones, and these earrings are a result of his keen eye and broad knowledge.

Tyrone, New Mexico, was a bustling copper mine, now greatly reduced, if not dormant. The turquoise found there is of a striking beauty, and quite rare.

The proximity of copper in the earth, created turquoise of a deep, rich blue, very like that of Bisbee, further southwest in Arizona, and Morenci, closer to Tyrone, just to the west.

These spectacular earrings are rigorously simple, but the magnificence of the natural, Tyrone turquoise stones needs no other embellishment.

High-domed, and cut into graceful teardrop forms, these beauties even have a touch of pyrite matrix – like grains of gold – just like its Morenci cousins.

With their deep teal hue, and rich web of matrix, a simple silver border is all these gorgeous stones need.

People think they know turquoise, but few have heard of Tyrone. You will likely be the first on your block!

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1 1/8" L x 3/4" W


Natural Tyrone Turquoise, Sterling Silver