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Natural Turquoise Heishi Set


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Another stunner from this veteran heishi specialist, who has won prizes for the excellence of her work and designs.

Thirty-five – 35! – strands of minuscule cylinders of fabulous, natural Kingman turquoise form a flood of intense blue-green, like a tropical  ocean.

It boggles the mind to think of the unbelievably patient, tedious, skilled work that went into slicing, dicing, drilling and shaping each teeny-tiny bead.

In addition to the labor involved, there is a material-intensive component to heishi making – as the artist goes through the process, there are piles of debris, as the stones or shells break and splinter.

Using high-grade, hard turquoise, as here, reduces the loss a bit, but it is still there. However, heishi necklaces are so wearable, they amortize rapidly.

Wear this vivid river of turquoise for a month, and it is reduced to a costume jewelry cost. Heishi goes with everything from tees, to dinner dresses.

The finest Kingman turquoise is famous for this gorgeous, saturated blue. It brings summer skies to every day, and night, of the year.

A lot of natural Kingman, now, is not this classic color; ore is taken from previously ignored parts of the mine because the typical colors are played out.

So, this necklace is extraordinary for the stones used, as well as the workmanship.

We tried to measure just one of the turquoise beads; each one is just one millimeter or so, in length. Thirty-five strands of them!

The size of these turquoise beads is truly astonishing. It takes a master, or mistress, of the art to cut stones so small and so perfectly.

The natural variations in the turquoise create a lively effect – some areas a bit lighter, some a bit darker, according to matrix and the stones used.

Put baldly, this is a masterpiece of heishi art, worthy of a museum.

The quality of the turquoise matches that of the workmanship, and both are out of this world.

This glorious necklace comes with matching earrings, which you can wear together, or separately – a beautiful little bonus for some very fortunate lady.

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Natural Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver



Earring Dimensions

2 1/2" L x 1/2" W