Natural Turquoise Chunk Cuff


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Prolific, talented, jovial, and avidly collected, Tommy Jackson and his work are known far and wide. This artist can do everything – and well.

Collectors all over the world clamor for Tommy Jackson jewelry, and this fabulous bracelet is a fine example of his appeal.

Resplendent, completely natural, Morenci turquoise chunks are laid side by side, over a silky smooth cuff of silver.

Modern in appearance, it is traditional in featuring spectacular stones.

One characteristic of Tommy’s work is his insistence on stones of the highest quality.

The dazzling rich blue of these Morenci rectangles is one indication of its pedigree; the fact that it is all natural, and can hold sharp corners and edges, while being cut, is another.

With so many stones of such astounding beauty, the artist wisely left things simple.

Slim polished silver gleams at the edges, and that’s all you need to contrast with the gorgeous depths of the turquoise.

Instead of inlaying the chunks on their sides, as is conventional, Tommy chose to stand them on end, allowing us to admire their magnificence on three sides.

Words are not really necessary to describe this bracelet; the stunning beauty of the finest turquoise, and the artful way it is displayed, speaks volumes.

This is splendor that will blend in with your everyday activities, and amortize quickly.

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