Natural Turquoise and Red Coral Wide Cuff


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Lee is highly respected, and widely collected,  for his charming and unusual silver jewelry, often taken from nature: fish, bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, horses, and more.

Here, he has forsaken whimsey and charm for a spectacular burst of creativity and meticulous workmanship, bringing in this gorgeously serious bracelet.

Heavy-gauge sterling, in an uncompromising, wide width, has a deeply hand-stamped border at each edge.

Applied across the center top, is a stunning line-up of graduated, natural spider-web turquoise stones, interspersed with glorious, natural red coral of the deepest, rich hue, at the edges.

The smaller – but substantial in size – turquoise stones are oval, while the large center stone is circular.

The artist has arranged the red coral cabochons to harmonize: the small domes in between the turquoise stones are circular, while the ones on either end are teardrops.

Linking the coral stones, and framing the teardrops, is a chain of tiny silver domes, like a gleaming pearl necklace.

To set off the sensational beauty of the turquoise, even more, the silver background they sit on has been darkened.

Deep stamping lines the edges of the cuff in an elaborate pattern, and the delicately intricate setting of the magnificent stones, adds more luxuriance.

This cuff has the opulent look of the days when Moors and Spaniards lived side by side – from the 700’s to the early 1400’s.

It shows how the Navajo esthetic was influenced by the Spanish invaders here, so many hundreds of years ago, but looks just as magnificent today, and in the future.

From adorable Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer pins, to a museum-worthy heirloom you can wear with pride, this artist constantly surprises us!

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