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Natural Stenich Turquoise Cuff


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Steve is an artist who keeps a low profile, preferring to let his creative, beautifully made pieces speak for him.

This cuff features a large, unusual stone: natural turquoise from the Stenich mine in Nevada.

Located in the general area of the Fox mine, Stenich Mine turquoise is named after the original miner, August Stenich.

He died in 1943, so this is an old mine, but not as well known as some of the other Nevada mines.

This particular stone is a remarkable, moody, misty, grey/blue/green color.

It has great depth, and almost looks translucent, thanks to the variations of light and darker areas.

The artist has surrounded the turquoise with leafy or feathery forms in silver, whose curves are gracefully compatible with the shape of the stone.

Look closely – there are tiny dragonflies stamped all around the bezel that holds the turquoise in place!

The feathers/leaves and dragonflies refer to good luck and water, inspired, perhaps, by the beautifully cool hue of the turquoise.

Fundamentally traditional in style, the unusual stone, and the asymmetrical silver elements around it, give this strikingly handsome cuff a modern, timeless look.

Wonderful stone, wonderful design, wonderful workmanship.

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Natural Stenich Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1" gap | 6 1/2" all around


Stone is 1 3/8" L x 7/8" W | Cuff is 1 3/8" W to 3/8" W