Natural Royston Turquoise Heishi



Long regarded as one of the premier heishi-makers anywhere, Ray Lovato’s award-winning work is eagerly collected by aficionados of tradition, quality and fine, natural turquoise – a trio not easily found nowadays.

As an admirer of traditional heishi, made the same way it has been for centuries, you know how rare and wonderful is this long strand of natural Royston turquoise disks.

Entirely hand-cut, drilled, polished, and strung, the individual disks are graduated in size, with the largest at the bottom.

The naturally occurring variations in green, characteristic of this sought-after turquoise, intermingle with the warm toasty hues of the matrix.

So many various tints of green and tan-to brown turquoise gives this long strand a particular warmth and vivacity.

Consider how material-intensive -as well as labor-intensive – this richly colored necklace must be: For every little, or tinier, disk, there are probably almost as many broken and unusable ones.

The old-style, traditional wrapped back, is not only authentic but very comfortable to wear. (You can always have it changed to a chain, or silver clasp if you wish)

Ray’s work is known for the high quality of the natural stones he uses, as well as his fine execution and promotion of traditional styles.

Like this superb necklace, each of his pieces is a sound investment in beauty, and increasingly rare natural, southwestern turquoise.

Rare and precious, but unassuming enough to wear every day, this necklace can be worn with others, or splendidly on its own.

A handsome continuation of tradition that will delight generations to come.

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Cotton String, Natural Royston Turquoise


30" L