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Natural Pixie Turquoise Pendant


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Steve Yellowhorse belongs to a family of very talented artists, and while he is extremely talented himself, he prefers to let his work speak for itself and keeps himself out of the spotlight.

His work is clean, gorgeous, and features fantastic stones and materials.  This small, stunning pendant is a shining example of what this artist can do.

The feature of this piece is a striking, natural Pixie turquoise cabochon. Neighbors to the Carico Lake, Fox and Orvil Jack mines, the Pixie mine yields a fantastically colored green-yellow range of turquoise.  This mine had remained untouched until very recently, so the turquoise is still quite rare.

The beautiful, bright green piece of turquoise is set atop a flat oval of sterling silver.  The silver has been stamped with little square patterns, a nice contradiction to the roundness of the stone and silver.

Lightweight, and not heavy on the pocketbook either, this pendant is a great find!

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1 1/2"




Natural Pixie Turquoise, Sterling Silver