Natural Kingman Waterweb Ranger Set


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A buckle that makes an impression!

Flawlessly precise silver work, balanced, beautiful designs, and fine stones are hallmarks of this well-reputed artist.

The natural, Kingman water web turquoise in the buckle, the keeper and the tab, is of superb quality and color.

It is unusual to have a single stone repeated in all the elements of a ranger set.

Leonard’s designs are usually dramatic, but restrained at the same time.

This set is clearly on the more flamboyant side, yet uncluttered and elegant.

The fabulous turquoise stones are organically rounded, adding their curves to the graceful form of the buckle, and contrasting with the straight chiseled lines that decorate all three pieces.

They are set in simple, shadowbox frames, allowing their coveted matrix patterns and clear color, to be fully appreciated.

The beautifully curved ends of the buckle are reminiscent of the “cricket leg” designs of old.

The incised lines represent feathers, carrying prayers to the heavens.

The inspiration, as in most of this fine artist’s work, is classic, old style jewelry.

However, he gives the familiar elements a fresh, refined and serene look that is right of our time.

Leaving plenty of space for the polished silver to gleam, he adds just enough traditional motifs, like the stylized feathers, chiseled into each segment of the set.

With softly rounded lines , clearly defined designs, and beautiful finishes, each piece is a gem.

Together, they form a splendid showpiece that will excite admiration everywhere it is worn.



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