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Natural Kingman Turquoise Petroglyph Bolo


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This highly respected, award-winning jeweler was mentored by some of the best: Ray Scott, Norbert Peshlakai, and the late, Gibson Nez. HIs jewelry is often inspired by the pre-historic rock art found on the cliffs and mesas of his Navajo homeland, and by the age-old symbols that are revered to this day. Here, various motifs are overlaid on silver, which supports a superlative, large, natural Kingman spiderweb turquoise. At first glance, these look merely decorative, setting off the magnificent turquoise, but the cut-out forms that frame the stone all have spiritual and cultural meaning. Artfully arranged to provide a pleasing background for that superb stone, the elements include different water signs: the river spiral, stepped rain symbols, turtle, tadpole, lightning, etc, To balance these are: arrowheads, human figures, a deer or goat, a bear, mountains, stars, and the crosses that signify the four geographic directions. All the blessings and good luck of water, hunting success, protection of the bear, etc. extend to the four corners of the earth – including the owner of this gorgeous bolo. Set high amid all this good luck and decorative designs, the glorious, large (1 5/8″ long x 5/8″ wide at the top) turquoise serenely exudes high quality. Clear, beautiful blue peeps through the web of dark matrix. The delicate but dense web of matrix softens the typical bright blue of Kingman turquoise, and harmonizes with the all-over, dark and light decoration of the silver. Everything is in harmony in this piece, in accord with Navajo culture. Notice how the tapered shape of the turquoise is conforms to the tapered form of the silver, whose slightly rounded edges echo the various curves and circles in the cut out designs. With all the surface energy and detail in the bolo, the tips are kept minimal; simple cylinders of polished silver that add to the stately beauty of the piece. Everything is precisely and beautifully hand fabricated, even the cord holder on the back. Magnificent turquoise, equalled by the artistic sensibility and expertise of the jeweler. A splendid piece by a top-ranking artist.

Sterling Silver, Natural Kingman Turquoise, Leather

Cord Length: 42″ Tips: 2 3/8″ Width: 2 1/8″ Height: 3 1/4″ Depth: 1/2″