Natural Kingman Turquoise Pendant on Leather Cord

Tim Yazzie



A sleek pendant that is from a limited series of simply designed pieces with similarly resplendent stones, this is not something you’d expect from this well-known artist.

Tim studied with the great Chalmers Day and has been known for creating fine overlay designs, like his mentor.

This minimalist, modern design is a departure for Tim – and a beautiful one!

Glamorously simple, polished silver is decorated only with a chiseled double line, set at one edge of the pendant.

Filling the real estate on the opposite side of the pendant is a gorgeous, natural Kingman turquoise cabochon.

Kingman, a town in Arizona, has one of the very few active major Turquoise mines in the United States.

Kingman is well-known for its blues with different styles of matrix throughout, and now, there are even newer claims within the large mining district that showcase more varieties, including colors ranging all the way to green.

The broad-toothed, hand-cut bezel that holds the splendid stone echoes the linear decoration on the cuff.

All eyes are, therefore, directed to the exceptional turquoise.

Mirror-bright silver and brilliant blue turquoise, ornamented with its richly hued matrix, make a contemporary pendant that is a stylish, splendid eye-catcher. The lovely leather cord and sterling silver clasp provide a simple and complementary contrast to the star of the show.

Refined silver work supports the stone, which is nearly worth the price of the pendant, all by itself!

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