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Natural Indian Mountain Turquoise Bolo


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The artist has made a national reputation, and won many prizes, for his intricately detailed jewelry sporting ancient petroglyph symbols.

This splendid bolo demonstrates that his jewelry skills are the highest, no matter what the style.

An elegant creation, inspired by the traditional “cricket” form, this bolo has a rounded center that complements the beautifully shaped “cricket legs”at the sides.

Tapered and pointed, precisely chiseled abstract eagle feathers form the top and bottom.

Similarly chiseled elements fan out around the center stone, in a graduated sequence that reinforces the circular and curvaceous lines of the piece.

The stone itself is a true jewel: high quality, natural Indian Mountain turquoise in a lovely blue with a strong matrix pattern.

The turquoise is domed high, and the rounded oval form fits right in with the curves and linearity of the whole.

Various silver domes embellish the four cardinal points – north, south, east and west – echoed by the domed ends of the cricket legs. Then, there are the keepers and the tips, where the more recognizable Arland Ben work is exhibited.

Applied 14-karat gold designs of ancient symbols – the hand of blessing and protection, mountains, and the water spiral – stand out against the dark and textured silver on the front of the keepers.

Finished with polished silver, the beautiful and elongated tips match the keepers, with stamped dots representing raindrops sprinkled over the gleaming cylinders.

These beautifully complement the bolo itself. The black leather cord is hand braided, and complements the dark matrix in the splendid turquoise.

A magnificent piece by a major artist that is also very wearable.



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14k Gold, Leather, Natural Indian Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3" H x 1 3/8" W, Cord: 50" L, Tips: 2 5/8" L