Natural Coral Stamped Bracelet

Tommy Jackson


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A top-rated, multiple award-winner, this jeweler is noted for his intricate and colorful inlay work. Here, he demonstrates how very versatile he is, with a heavy-gauge silver and coral bracelet that is a nod to tradition.A wide band of weighty sterling silver is fashioned into a dramatic cuff. The precise, hand-stamped designs and scalloped edges all serve to highlight the line-up of magnificent, natural red coral ovals. Each gorgeous coral cabochon is set high, centered on a deeply stamped background that resembles a lacy doily. These half-round designs are echoes of the scalloped edges – or vice-versa. Every element of the design complements every other one, so there is a pleasing, subliminal, rhythm to the piece that magnifies its beauty.The silver is exceptionally substantial; the stamping is remarkably deep, as well as clearly delineated, and the coral is superb in color and quality. There is no one element that can be separated from the others: Take away the stamping, and the coral is gorgeous, but much less impressive; take away the coral stones and the bracelet is handsome, but somewhat dull. Thanks to the artistry of this justly celebrated jeweler, everything adds up to a spectacular whole and the workmanship equals the artistic vision.With sumptuous materials and imposing artistry and skill, this bracelet can be your signature piece, or join an equally brilliant collection. A singular work of art and craftsmanship, it will look glorious with every casual and tailored piece in your wardrobe, far into the future.

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