Natural Carico Lake Turquoise and Tufa Cast Ring

Steve LaRance


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this award-winning jeweler has a special ability to use traditional Hopi motifs and symbols in a thoroughly contemporary way.

The precision of his tufa-cast designs is also legendary but takes a (literally) back seat in this ring, to the fabulous natural Carico Lake turquoise.

Found in Nevada, this dried up lake bed produces beautiful turquoise and this ring boasts a truly splendid example.

A large, spectacularly high domed, natural Carico Lake turquoise is the star of this ring.

Its cheery, green color is typical of the finest examples, dappled with more vivid green streaks, and a few areas of beige matrix.

The stone is set in a handmade silver bezel with short, broad notches, and accented by a handmade, hand twisted rope wire.

The shank of the ring is tufa cast, the specialty of this famed and talented artist, and is decorated with sharp, angular spirals that represent rain clouds.

With a background of darkened and textured silver, the raised, angular symbols are brightly polished, and stand out visually, as well.

The artist is so connected to superior tufa cast work, that it is unusual to find hybrid techniques, as in this ring, with a flat silver backing for the stone, and a tufa cast shank.

A stunning ring, with a stunning stone, this is definitely one for all collectors of exceptional jewelry, and will be cherished for years to come!

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