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Natural Carico Lake Heishi with Silver Clasp


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Winner of many awards, this artist is considered one of the premier heishi-makers from Santo Domingo, or anywhere. This single strand of natural, hand-cut turquoise from the Carico Lake mine, is a new version of a prehistoric form of adornment, seen in photographs from the earliest 1800’s, and found in archeological digs that date way before that.Naturally, Ray’s work is much more refined than those ancient chunks of shell and stone, but the style and materials are the same. Each tiny disk of natural turquoise has been hand cut, drilled, polished, and strung. Notice how they are actually graduated, as well. In close-up, you can see the evidence of hand work and natural materials: there are tiny irregularities that are not apparent when wearing the piece. Because the turquoise is natural, i.e., unchanged for additional hardness, there are little nicks in some of the edges that are not noticeable without close examination. This is an indication of the high quality of the materials, as well as the execution.Totally classic and traditional, the simplicity of this necklace, and the beauty of the natural turquoise contribute to its timeless versatility. Alone or combined with other beads, it is an heirloom that can be worn every day.

Natural Carico Lake Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Graduated Beads from 1/8″ to 3/8″ Length: 20 1/2″