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Natural Blue Gem Turquoise Earrings


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Separately, and together, the Dukepoos are long-time award-winners, celebrated for their refined inlay work and elegant designs.

Causandra has kept these circular dangles as minimalist as can be in design, but with maximum impact.

Natural Blue Gem Turquoise forms the beautifully cut and polished blue-green centers, while sterling silver forms a narrow, brilliantly polished and rounded, frame, in fabulous contrast.

Large enough to make a fashionable and flattering statement, but modest enough to be chic and tailored, they are perfect for work – and apres-work, as well.

Fine workmanship, with a fine eye for design, and standout stones, are signatures of the Dukepoo’s pieces.

It is hard to find earrings with any kind of natural Turquoise that are so go-everywhere, and at such an accessible price for handmade beauty.

Thank you, Causandra!

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Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/4"