Natural Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring


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Honored for his impressionistic paintings, as much as he is for beautiful jewelry, this multi-talented award-winner is also a community leader, advocate for Native artists, and a dedicated basketball coach.

And, his recently deceased father was one of the heroic Navajo Code Talkers, who helped to win the war in the Pacific, during WWII!

He has created a dazzling ring, centered with a stupendous,  large, natural Blue Diamond turquoise, circled with inlaid red coral, also natural.

The Blue Diamond mine, in Nevada, is called a “hat mine” which is rare.  A hat mine is a small deposit of turquoise that “you can cover with your hat”.

It is also one of the hardest, natural turquoise around, thanks in part for the black chert matrix.

This large piece of natural turquoise is a beautiful mix of moody dark matrix and celestial blues.

Wisely, the experienced artist left it almost intact, just shaping it, and polishing it. The stone is embraced with a sturdy and glittering, toothed silver bezel.

This, in turn, is framed with a plain silver border that also gleams, in beautiful contrast to the smooth stone and the inlaid frame of the ring.

Bordering the entire oval ring is a series of inlaid, natural coral pieces, which abut each other without silver channels.

Using his artistic sensibility, and Navajo tradition, Ted coupled the heavenly blue of the turquoise with the rich red of natural coral.

In Navajo tradition, blue is the color of the sky and water; red refers to land. Here, then, Nature is in colorful balance, a Navajo ideal.

For us outsiders, we can also imagine that the blue, and dark areas of the stone, represent an aerial view of the ocean, through stormy clouds; the red coral is another symbol of the oceans.

A magnificent stone and highest quality natural coral, with superb workmanship to match, are arranged in a design that is dramatically beautiful.

Rare and precious, the turquoise and coral are timeless; this ring will be a treasured heirloom, one day.

It represents the acclaimed artist at his finest, and it is beautifully wearable, too.

A glorious, outstanding statement for your hand, it will punctuate your wardrobe, and embellish it, everywhere in the world.

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