Nativity with Adobe Interior

Linda Lucero Fragua



A truly marvelous Nativity by Linda Lucero Fragua, who has perfected the warm and appealing style of her in-laws, and added her own charming touches.

The Holy Family, accompanied by a contentedly smiling cow and sheep, are reverently singing their praise and gratitude.

The Infant is solemnly joining in, in His cradle, under a beautifully patterned blanket.

What makes this Nativity so remarkable is the setting for the figures: the interior of a traditional adobe dwelling, with delightful details.

It is complete with fireplace, charred logs, wooden vigas (beams), traditional painted decorations around the baseboards and fireplace, a water canteen and a pair of moccasins, hanging on the wall.

The  canteen is painted with a cornstalk, symbolizing, happiness, good health and abundance; the moccasins have dark soles, and are tied.

It was customary to hang belongings on the walls of old adobe homes, for storage.

Turn the wall around, and you see the red clay adobe bricks that form it.

Every detail of the house, and the figures, is meticulously formed, finished and painted.

This is a masterful Nativity with wonderful, creative details.

It is destined to be a treasured heirloom and holiday decoration.

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