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Náshdóítsoh (Mountain Lion)


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Daryl Begaye is an emerging talent in the Native art world.  In his own words, Daryl says of his work, “My work explores the idea of experimentation. Combining different techniques and styles to create something new; something different – something that has not been done before, reaching beyond the traditional to utilize and fuse different art mediums. Drawing from diverse influences; such as the classic masters of the old world, the masters of indigenous art, the emergence of graffiti/street art, and including my diverse cultural background…my vision of modern indigenous art is created.”

This stunning painting, titled “Náshdóítsoh (Mountain Lion)” is a fantastic representation of his artistic vision.

A graffiti-esq background is vibrantly painted in purples, reds, blacks, and golds, with highlights of grays and whites to add depth.  Small crosses and familiar Navajo motifs are scattered through the painting, creating intrigue everywhere you look.

Growing from the bottom left corner is a thick branch, one that looks as though it has stood through tests of time and weather.

While the branch itself is not extremely realistic, the large cat sitting atop it is.

With head down and shoulders low, you can imagine what the magnificent feline is seeing.  She sits, biding her time, her tail relaxed, but the expression on her face one of rapt attention.  It feels as if she may jump down from her perch at any moment and go for her prey.

Nestled, shadow-box style, in a handmade wooden frame, this beautiful creature will guard your home, and is sure to delight all who see it!

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21 7/8" L x 17 3/4" W


Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood