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Narrow Spiderweb Turquoise Cuff


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Related to famed silversmiths Jennifer Curtis and her late father, Thomas, Pete has the family’s celebrated gift, as well.

This cuff may seem handsome and traditional, but is modern and extraordinary, in materials, design and solid heft.

A fabulous, rectangular, natural spider web turquoise is placed horizontally, in the center.

Only natural stones of the highest degree of hardness, and therefore, of quality, can be cut into rectangles or squares, without crumbling.

The turquoise is secured by a wide and thick bezel, cut into short, but deep, lines that create a decorative frame for the wonderful stone.

The rest of the bracelet’s silver work is as outstanding. Of an uncommonly heavy gauge, the silver is extra-solid.

It has been precisely fashioned into a unique and handsome design.

The turquoise, and the silver elements that flank it, are set onto a cuff composed of three parts.

Sandwiched between two rows of rounded, deeply chiseled, rope-like bands, the center band is flat, plain, and highly polished.

The ends of the cuff are finished with a solid, polished silver “T” shape, that seems to hold all three bands together, and relates to the polished, center band.

The chiseled bands were darkened, and the raised edges polished, so they present a chunky texture.

That beautifully plays off the webbed surface of the turquoise, and the chiseled edge of its bezel.

On either side of the center stone, three-dimensional, polished pillars embrace a row of tiny domes.

These are flanked by larger domes, and deeply stamped fans that resembles feathers.

The darkened inside edges of the polished pillars, and the rhythm of the stacked dome-lets, echo the texture and finish of the cuff’s bars.

The pillars themselves, the larger domes, and feather fans, continue the polished shimmer of the bezel, the center band of the cuff, and the ends.

A beautifully balanced design, superb stamping and silver work, a rare solid heft, and a gorgeous stone of the highest quality, all contribute to this exceptional bracelet.

It may look fairly traditional, but closer observation reveals the remarkable artistic vision and skill that mark this wonderful artist’s modern interpretation of his heritage.

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Natural Spiderweb Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/2"


Stone is 3/8"H x 5/8" W