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Narrow Silver and Copper Bracelet


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A very handsome, modern bracelet, created by a couple from a Navajo enclave near Albuquerque.

They use heavy-gauge copper as the base of their pieces, with silver overlaid, for contrast.

This sleek and striking, narrow cuff is elegantly minimalist in design.

The effect of a plain, overlaid band of polished silver, with just narrow borders of the underlying copper visible, is beautiful and contemporary.

At each end of the silver, an unusual pair of stamps is discreetly placed, just before the name of each artist.

The stamps resemble a sun, and a flowing water, symbol.

These create the Navajo ideal of nature in balance and are charming, little bits of texture on the otherwise utterly simple bracelet.

Less is dramatically more, in this elegant design, with the contrasting luster of the materials almost the only design.

This couple makes beautiful pieces, at surprisingly modest prices; lucky is the person whom this bracelet fits!

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Copper, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 5/8" + 1 1/8 gap | 6 3/4" all around


1/4" W