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Narrow Morenci and Silver Cuff


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“Less is more” is a standard maxim of modernists; this sleek and simple, narrow cuff lives up to that, beautifully.

A slender band of glistening silver is deeply chiseled toward one edge, announcing its modern sensibility with a single, asymmetrical stroke.

The simplicity of the silver allows all visual interest to rest on the spectacular, natural Morenci turquoise.

Centered, as is traditional, the gorgeous stone is set below the edge of the silver cuff, which is definitely modern.

This off-set position focuses attention on the typical, vibrant blue of the turquoise, and the metallic gold matrix, typical of the highest quality Morenci stones.

The gold is pyrite, aka “fools’ gold”, not the metal itself, but it gleams just as brightly.

Placing the turquoise off the edge also conforms to the shape of the human wrist: the stone faces down, toward the hand for maximum comfort and good looks.

We don’t know anything about the artist, except what the bracelet itself tells us.

He knows his silversmithing and his stones, since the silver work is pristine and perfect, and the turquoise is just as flawless.

The cuff measures 6 1/8″ all around, but since it is narrow, it comfortably fits a 6 1/2 ” wrist.

Maybe he is not a household name, but the artist’s talent speaks volumes in this modernist masterpiece.

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Natural Morenci Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1" gap | 6 1/4+ all around


Stone is 3/8" W x 1/2" H | Cuff is 1/4" W