Narrow Modern Overlay Pendant


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Kee is one of those artists whose background is almost as fascinating as his work.

A descendant of artists and master silversmiths, he studied architectural design and linguistics at university, where he became fluent in both Laotian and Thai!

After college, he began making jewelry under the guidance of Ray Scott. Mike Bird-Romero, James Little, Gibson Nez, and Norbert Peshlakai were additional influences. Started at the top!

This striking pendant shows his well-developed sense of design, as well as his mastery of the overlay technique.

The dynamic energy of the tumbling diagonals is contained within the polished silver borders, creating a fine yin/yang design, against the dark, matte background.

The triangular forms refer to storms and water, reinforced by the chiseled straight lines, symbols of rainfall. The dots also are watery symbols; of drops of water.

Water is the utmost blessing and most precious resource on the arid high desert, so this design is very good luck, not just a handsome pattern.

Needless to say, the workmanship is flawless, as well as pleasing, in this quietly dramatic pendant, that brings good luck, too.

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