Narrow Inlaid Dangles


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A fine example of the prize-winning jewelry of this highly reputed artist. She is known for her beautifully made, chic, wearable, and well-designed pieces – just like these earrings.

Bright and dramatic, the traditional jet, turquoise and coral are inlaid in a stylish, contemporary design. That adds a little extra pizazz to the earrings. Instead of equal time for all the stones, the natural red coral is a vivd dot in the sea of lovely blue turquoise. Sleek black jet forms the top, its slinky appeal looking very untraditional. The beautifully formed silver frame adds sparkle, and is echoed in the narrow rim around the round red coral stones., as well as in tiny gleaming dots inlaid in the turquoise.

These vibrant, chic earrings are tailored and contemporary, with traditional materials, a winning combination. They are suitable for all occasions, ages and pocketbooks.

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Coral, Natural Jet, Stabilized Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver





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