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Narrow Double Yei’i Bracelet


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With a jet black background, dark as the night sky, the other inlaid elements – stars, celestial objects, feathers, and ceremonial figures – really stand out, in this ravishing cuff.

The colored stones are vibrant and varied, in vivid contrast. Lab opals glitter brilliantly.

Polished sterling makes a glistening frame for the inlay, and is repeated, in small accents, within the inlaid designs.

Inlaid Ye’i heads are featured. Ye’i’s are spiritual figures who link humans and the heavenly spirits.

Also prominent in the design are stylized feathers, which carry hopes and prayers up to the heavens, from here on earth.

Sparkling, inlaid opal continues all the way down to the very tips of the cuff.

Notice that the artist evidently ran out of quite enough opal, so speckled jasper is included on one side!

This, however, could be meant to represent the earth, in contrast to the celestial design on the rest of the bracelet.

The symmetrical design symbolizes the balance that Navajo consider ideal, and makes a lovely, sparkling pattern.

The inlay is smooth as satin – no inkling that various shapes and materials are involved is revealed to a blind touch.

Delicate and dainty in shape, width, and design, this is a beautiful example of this artist’s renowned skill with inlay, and a particularly beautiful bracelet.

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Black Jet, Inlaid Lapis, Jasper, Lab Opal, Natural Gaspeite, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Wrist Size

5 3/8" + 1 1/4" gap | 6 5/8" all around


1/2" at center I 1/4" at sides