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Narrow Cuff with Bisbee Turquoise


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A sleek cuff that is the “little brother” of this artist’s wider cuff, with a similarly resplendent stone.

Tim studied with the great Chalmers Day, and has been known for creating fine overlay designs, like his mentor.

This minimalist, modern design is a departure for Tim, and a beautiful one.

Glamorously simple, polished silver is decorated only with a chiseled double line, set at one edge of the cuff.

Cantilevered over the opposite edge of the cuff, is a gorgeous, Bisbee turquoise.

The town of Bisbee, in southeastern Arizona, was a notable copper mine, which is why the turquoise, so coveted, from this area is celebrated for its intense blue hue, and maroon -colored matrix.

No more turquoise is mined there, as the mine has been shut down.

That has made Bisbee turquoise with the best blue hue – like this one – even more precious.

The broad-toothed, hand-cut bezel that holds the splendid stone echoes the linear decoration on the cuff.

All eyes are, therefore, directed to the exceptional turquoise.

Mirror-bright silver and brilliant blue turquoise, ornamented with its richly hued matrix, make a contemporary bracelet that is a stylish, splendid eye-catcher.

Refined silver work supports the stone, which is worth the price of the bracelet, all by itself.

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Natural Bisbee Turqoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/4" + 1 1/4" gap | 7 " all around


1/2 ", with Stone 3/4" W