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Narrow Cuff “Clarity in the Noise…”


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Although he has appreciated art throughout his life, JJ concentrated on his career in IT, and a passion for music, for almost 25 years.

Recently returned to the reservation, he has embarked on yet another career, jewelry-making.

And, just as in his other endeavors, JJ succeeds brilliantly in silversmithing.

This handsome cuff presents an unusual design, with moon-like circles, indented into the silver base, rather than applied over it.

The background silver is uniformly textured, so the plain, concave circles gleam with unearthly serenity.

Instead of lining up in a straight row, the circles drift along, up and down, like bubbles in the air, or in the water.

A very narrow, darkened edge frames each circle, emphasizing the effect of floating over the background.

The fabrication is exemplary; the design is handsome and uncommon, and so is the title, engraved on the interior.

Unlike many jewelers, JJ Otero gives his pieces titles, perhaps a  habit from his musician persona.

“Clarity in the Noise. Sober Mind” perhaps speaks to the tranquillity of the circles that bob along, over the busy surface of the bracelet.

“Sober Mind” probably refers to the calm and clarity that graces a mind free of alcohol, or other substance abuse, which is a scourge among Natives.

Leaving the artist’s affection for titles, this cuff is a wonderful design, married to flawless execution in silver with considerable solidity.

As JJ’s reputation becomes more widely known, his work is unlikely to stay at this price point.

A terrific piece at any price, this bracelet is a real bargain.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6" + 1 1/4" gap | 7 1/4" all around


1/2" W