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Narrow Chiseled Cuff


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This very well-respected, well-known jeweler, is also an activist for the legal protection of Native jewelry.

He comes from a family of noted silversmiths and has established himself as a master of chisel work and hand-stamping.

So much so, that glancing at the solidity of the silver, and the flawless chisel- and stamp work in this bracelet, I thought it was by Jennifer Curtis, the acknowledged superstar of this style.

This bracelet is perfect in design, workmanship, finish – everything. The chiseling and stamping are precise, crisp, and clear.

The design is a blend of modern, as seen across the top of cuff, and traditional, at the stamped ends.

Geometrically exact, deeply cut rectangles march across the center of the piece, in a dazzling display of technical skill and aesthetic vision.

Striking, when worn alone, it will also look terrific when stacked with other, narrow cuffs.

This is a completely personal design that is sleek, elegant – but not formal – and created with meticulous expertise.

A very special bracelet, indeed.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/8" + 1 " Gap | 6 3/8" all around


1/4" W