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Winner of many awards, Robert’s jewelry is represented in the permanent collections of the British Museum and the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, as well as many private collections.

Related to the gifted Eustace family of Zuni and Cochiti Pueblos, Robert’s work is entirely his own style,

He claims many areas, in the world around him, as inspiration for his work, but always includes line, shape, and dimension as integral to his pieces.

This cuff is part of an expansive series in which Robert used the natural landscape of the area he was imagining as inspiration to let the elements of his pieces work more organically.

According to Robert “What I am doing inside that technique is just like in geology. I am applying a lot of heat and a lot of pressure. I am letting the silver work more organically. Silver is a natural mineral, so when you add heat and pressure it does some really interesting things, and it turns into a geological landscape.”

Arroyo Seco, an area near Taos, NM, is represented in this slim but stylish cuff. Robert’s inspiration led him here and now you can wear a beautiful piece of New Mexico with you wherever you go!

Innovative, quirky, and driven to do something different, Robert Mac Eustace Jones has created his own special masterpiece and we thank him for sharing it with all of us!

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5 1/4"

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6 1/4"




Sterling Silver