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Naja Pendant with Coral


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Well-respected, Lee is one of the many excellent silversmiths who work quietly and beautifully without fanfare. His pieces speak for themselves, and his many happy collectors like what they say. This artist’s inspiration is rooted in the past but blossoms in the here and now.

This is a naja, the traditional center of that Navajo icon, the squash blossom necklace. Smooth, rounded, and polished, this naja is 21st-century sleek and olden-days traditional, both. The fluted ends and chiseled lines at the edges are the only decoration. They add a little textural interest to contrast with the glassy surface of the silver and the stone. A sphere of natural red coral adds a vibrant accent. Hang it on a chain, a collar, a ribbon, or pin it on a lapel (the safety pin won’t show). Enjoy all the grace and tradition of the naja without the heavy necklace.

Here we have the perfect combination: style, workmanship, wearability…and incredible value.

Medium:sterling silver, natural coral

Width: 1″ Height: 1 1/8″ Depth: 1/8″