“Naataani” Horse Sculpture

Rick Nez


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A charter member of the Indigenous Sculptors Society, committed to upholding the highest standards of artistic, and other, integrity, Rick is also a veteran of the armed forces, and a multiple prize-winning sculptor.

While stationed in Germany, he frequented museums, absorbing centuries-old European artistic traditions.

He was inspired to explore his own artistic gifts to depict his own culture, and has developed into one of the foremost Native sculptors working today.

This powerful horse sculpture honors the Navajo’s affinity to horses, which goes back centuries, to their introduction to the New World.

Passion and eloquence are present in this expressive and impressive piece.

The wonderfully natural modeling of the horse’s head is carved in limestone, on a marble base.

Strong, sensitive and graceful, the sculpture captures the essence of this noble animal.

A feather in the mane signifies that horses are a blessing for the Dineh (the Navajo people), and grateful prayers are sent to the heavens.

“Naataani” is Navajo for “leader”, among other interpretations.

It is probably the name of this beautiful horse, transformed into stone, to be forever admired.

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