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Mutli-Stone Figural Wall Plaque


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Cliff Fragua is a major force in Native art, specifically sculpture.

His works are seen in the US Capitol, Albuquerque International Airport, other public places, and countless private collections. From a family of celebrated potters, he found his heart’s medium when he studied with the late, great Allen Houser.

Cliff is known for his monumental public pieces, yet makes easy-to-display sculpture for personal enjoyment, as well.

Although it is scaled for domestic display and will fit into every dwelling, this figural plaque has an impressive presence, similar to his towering pieces. Despite the inclusion of many different stones and materials, there is a stillness and simplicity to this figure that is powerful.

The decorative theme is rain and water, the greatest blessing in the high desert. Natural parrot feathers represent the hope and prayer for enough water to make crops flourish, and the symbols carved into the figure refer to rain and prayers, all part of prosperity for the people of the Pueblo.

Good luck is symbolized in this handsome piece, and the lucky owner of this beautiful sculpture will receive it all!

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Coral, Afghan Limestone, Coated Wire, Feathers, Marble, Turquoise, Utah Zebra Marble


14 1/4"