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Multicolored Inlaid Spirals


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A creative young jeweler from Zuni, Shawn is always interested in new looks, new designs, and new techniques.

These inlaid spirals are intriguing, flirty, and fun to wear, as well as imaginative and well-made.

Inlaid with turquoise and mother of pearl on one curl of the silver spiral, the stones morph into black jet, red coral and gold-lipped mother of pearl, on the other.

Two separate palettes in the same earring – a clever, inventive idea, and handsome, to boot.

The inlaid tops are little squares, that can be turned so they appear diamond-shaped.

No matter which colors are showing, the silver interior of the spirals gleams and glistens.

Definite conversation pieces, these earrings are flattering and delightful.

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2 1/8" L


Coral, Gold-Lipped Mother of Pearl, Black Jet, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise